Bubble Jam Delight (Independent clubbing magazine) review of Jan 24th Event

"Pedestal is a new night for women who feel they belong on one and men who agree.Having missed the reportedly storming opening night,we were determined to get to the follow up. Apparently we were not the only ones to have heard good things,as the club was absolutely packed.This is usually a fly in my ointment,but there was certainly a buzz about the place and an intensity that comes from knowing that pretty much everyone in the room shares a similar philosophy.

Dark pulsing electronica provided the sound-track,punctuated by noises from the crowd,as whips cracked,canes thwacked,arses got smacked and grown men cried. Alot. The equipment was excellent and I became somewhat attached to a huge metal pyramid frame,the like of which I'd not seen previously. The women looked amazing,the men looked respectfully and all seemed right in the world.

Plans for the morning prevented us from staying as long as we would have liked,but it was obvious that the night was a success.Sadly,the next Pedestal isn't until May,but will be returning with more space and,hopefully,more of the same"

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